Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello, my name is Christie and I'm a Lululemon addict.

My grown-up version of a candy store is most any boutique clothing store but I have a special addiction to Lululemon Athletica and Anthropologie. The marketing folks at these two empires are geniuses and I'm a sucker. A deadly combination for my wallet.

Walking into these stores for me is like putting a crack pipe in front of an addict. I can't help myself. Showing no lack of control, I scour through the racks of beautiful, cute clothing. Expensive clothing that I've grown accustomed to being able to afford.

Until quitting my well payed job to follow my passion.

So now there is just one tiny problem. Not having a full time, steady job puts a little bit of a damper on my addiction and sometimes, quite honestly, makes me slightly homicidal. But I have to be conscious about spending money on things I don't need. Something I've never had to worry about in the past.

Like adding a seventh Lululemon hoodie to my "collection." Who the hell needs a seventh hoodie let alone one that costs $100? Previously, I wouldn't have batted an eye at spending this kind of money on yet another hoodie. If I wanted it, I bought it.

Though I've managed to stay above the law and not rob any banks to fuel my addiction, its been hard not giving into temptation. To shop. Not to rob banks. Just to clarify before I move on.

I had met a friend for coffee a couple of weeks back and she was wearing a nice, new Lululemon hoodie. And I wanted one too. After all, I hadn't treated myself in a long time so what was the harm?

I knew I was asking for trouble but a few days later I set out for the outdoor mall not far from my house to do some "browsing." I just wanted to see what was new. Or so I was telling myself. 

I lead my car in the direction of the mall. All the while telling myself this was a bad idea that could only end in tragedy. I knew once I walked into the store I'd have zero self control. Embarrassing as it is to admit, I'm even addicted to the smell of the store.

A few blocks from the mall, the devil on one shoulder was telling me its been a long time since I treated myself and I deserved it. Meanwhile the angel on other shoulder was running a tab of my "collection."

You see, it only begins at hoodies. I have an abundance of workout pants, tank tops, 2 gym bags (I can't let one of them go), socks and headbands. The list goes on. My friends make fun of me and my "collection." The gals that work at the gym comment on the seemingly endless hoodies I don.

Though it took everything in me, I turned around and went back home. The point isn't the hoodie really. It's about sacrificing to do something else that makes me happy. And really, is one more hoodie going to make me happy? Maybe for a month until the high wears off. I'd rather use that $100 spending time with my friends.

When I started on this journey of quitting my job and following my passion I didn't know the things I'd learn about myself let alone realizing the difference between need and want.

Hello, my name is Christie and I'm a Lululemon addict.


  1. Hello Christie, My name is Elizabeth and I'm also a Lululemon addict. And an Anthropologie addict. Oh lordy, if we went shopping together, we'd be in double trouble.

    Props for not getting the hoodie. That was hard. I KNOW!! I haven't bought any clothing for six months since I started my no shopping project and in the beginning, I too felt vaguely homicidal. Does the feeling wear off? Well, I'll let you know when it does. =)

    Giving up material things to pursue a passion is totally worthwhile and I'm excited for you.

  2. Hi Elizabeth. *smile* So you feel my pain. Good to know I'm not in this alone!

  3. I'm glad you'd rather use the $100 to spend time with friends! Soooo...when is our next Happy Hour which turns into 9 hours? :) ~Heather


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