Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to repel a mole.

My Dad and I both loved to cook and I inherited his crafty skill of  "tweaking" a recipe more often than not. So one of the things I took home with me after my Dad passed away was his recipe boxes.

They've been sitting untouched on my microwave since I got home from the funeral.

Though I sifted through them quickly while I was there - looking for a recipe for my sister - up until today my heart didn't have the strength to thoroughly peruse them. But I was talking about them with some friends last night and I decided that today I would dust them off and scavenge.

Some of the recipes I found made me laugh, others made me cry. My Dad excelled at making bread. A culinary art I still haven't dared to venture into. I don't do well with yeast. I remember coming home from school and smelling the scent of fresh bread, just out of the oven, upon walking in the door.

And I found some rather interesting things. Only my Dad would have a category of "Chinese Food/Rice" 3 inches thick. And then there is my favorite tab, "JERKY, SMOKED FISH ETC" (all in caps). How many ways can one smoke things? I have a feeling I'm going to find out.

Way in the back I found a recipe for "Mole Spray." Assuming my Dad misplaced the recipe and it was some sort of Mole sauce, I went to move it to the "Mexican" tab when I noticed the ingredients:

Just in case you can't read his writing, that's 3 oz Castor Oil, 3 oz. Ivory soap and 9 oz. of water. With the instructions use 2 oz per gallon of water with a hose end sprayer. Thorough guy, my Dad.

Now go in peace, knowing ya'll have the means to repel a mole.

Disclaimer: This recipe not intended to be used on humans.

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